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One of Gavin de Becker's trainers: Realism meaning, most people in my opinion, military or not, rarely point or get a real weapon pointed at them where they know something is going to come out and hurt them or the individual. In the military most soldiers use blanks where they know no one will get hurt. In Simunition, we use our personal weapon, the same exact weapon we are going to use to protect our principal, our family, and even ourselves. We know it will kill an individual and we know it will kill us. So when one of the students actually picks it up, points it at someone, I notice how much they hesitate to pull the trigger when their stress level is heightened and their muscle memory tells them that this is a real gun, that something is going to come out, and someone is going to get hurt. I mention this because, I think it is one of our beginner class benefits. I believe it will save them if a situation ever arises and they have to use their weapon to defend their principal or themselves...

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat

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